Field Hockey highlights and more: Penn Trafford 2, Greensburg Salem 0

September 3, 2011 – These are delayed, but they’re very cool! This game was played on Wednesday, August 31.

(video work by Mark Scheinert)

Whom you’re watching: Taylor Bell, Isabel Siergiej, Marisa Siergiej, and the rest of the teams from Penn Trafford and Greensburg-Salem.

I wanted to make a note to anyone who’s never been to Offut, where Greensburg-Salem plays home games. If you get the chance, check out a game there. The stadium is set in downtown Greensburg, amidst scenic older buildings. Offut has a real “old-time-football” feel to it.

It also has handicapped parking spaces that are not very clearly delineated until you are transferring files at your Jeep when a guy starts yelling at you…

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Football feature game of the week: Peters Township at Penn Trafford

September 1, 2011 – This is a first, sportsfans. SG is about to make a Guaranteed Prediction for this week’s game, Peters Township at Penn Trafford. Do you want to hear it?

At this time, the writers of (i.e., me) do guarantee a win by the P-T Native-American theme team.


That is all.

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Soccer Scrimmage #2: Oakland Catholic at Gateway

August 30, 2011 – The Lady Gators took this one, two goals to nil. Here are the highlights:

What’s in the video: 1- Goal by Danielle Kravits (Carly Seneca assist) Continue reading

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“Tiger!” “Horses!” “Utah!” Franklin Regional over Knoch, 14-10 in scrimmage

August 27, 2011 – One of the most entertaining things about football will always be the playcalls.

It is important to note that no one needed to use this item on Friday.

Franklin Regional played some aggressive defense in this one, but here are some video highlights. Continue reading

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SG goes World Cup Style: FR goes 2-0 over Hempfield at Wednesday’s scrimmage

August 27, 2011- Check out the sweet hit by Franklin Regional’s Nicolette Fonseca in the opening sequence of this video. Then, check out the Hempfield defense. I was told that goaltender Olivia Haile was in during the game, but you can hear someone in the crowd cheer for Mikayla Anderson following one of the saves. Either way, Franklin made a lot of shots, and the goalie made a lot of saves.


1- Breakaway by FR #12 Haley Zeliff.   Continue reading

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Penn Trafford at Greensburg Central Catholic: Another GIAS (guy in a skirt) alert

August 24, 2011- Check out this video to see Dom Antonucci playing for Greensburg Central Catholic. I mention Antonucci for the same reason I featured Nick Defrancesco at Greensburg Salem last spring:

These guys deserve a lot of credit. Continue reading

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Penn-Trafford Field Hockey wins at Greensburg Central Catholic in scrimmage

August 23, 2011 – The game was held yesterday at Greensburg Central Catholic, and the Warriors won 5-0. (This score is corrected. I put it up last night while I was tired and loopy, and I said the score was only 4-0. After going over my notes again today, I saw that I’d missed a goal. Apologies to the Warriors!)

I’ll post the video tomorrow (8.24), but a couple of important details had to go up today.

Alana Figurelli tended goal for the Centurions. It may seem like things were tough, but I found out later that Figurelli is not the regular goaltender. Kudos to her for stepping up to the job!

I also found out that GCC is another one of those teams that has a guy-in-a-skirt playing, because there is no boys’ field hockey team. (There are not many.)

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The Penn-Trafford Varsity Cheer Squad and a Classic Football Reference

August 20, 2011 – I took video of the P-T girls as they worked in cheer camp to get ready for their first exhibition. The whole community was at Penn Trafford High School for the annual Green-Gold game on Wednesday night. But, the coaches (sisters Kristie and Katie Carozza) knew how to get the squad prepared.

What’s the most important part of being able to get a crowd ready to cheer for the team? The P-T Varsity Cheer squad parallels the 1989 Cincinnati Bengals.


Continue reading

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Plum at Penn-Trafford Football Scrimmage: Yes, America, you CAN get nachos at 9am!

August 20, 2011 – Penn Trafford won this one 21-7. The concessions stand really brought its A-game.

The JV game started at 9am, but the stand was open and ready to do business all morning.

This was good for the part of the crowd that says, “Last night was crazy – I’m gonna need some nachos this morning.”

Here’s the important part. Penn Trafford won on three touchdowns from Dorian Stevens, Manny Simpson, and Dom Cima (see below). Continue reading

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Greensburg Central Catholic answers the question of what’s missing from summer football: Special Teams!

August 20, 2011 – TV in the ‘80’s gave us Very Special Episodes. This is a Very Special Teams Episode.

People in this video: 1-Ben Kisiel, kicking. Continue reading

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