You have a good, local rep. Maintain it as your community shifts online.

A sponsorship ad on Sportsgazelle.com is an inexpensive way to associate your good name with all the local high school teams in one fell swoop. By sponsoring SG, you’ll be reaching your community while supporting a media outlet that builds up their athletes. It’s a positive move all around!

The details

Have a look at the free information links. They’ll tell you about SG’s visitors and philosophy. Basically, we’re all local sports fans! It’s why Sportsgazelle runs, and it’s why SG’s visitors log on:

Why Sponsor SG Summer 2011

 Sponsorship options and rates 2011

How to get started

Contact Cara by phone (cell, 225-802-3548) or e-mail cara@sportsgazelle.com. We’ll set you up with the right sponsorship for your business or organization. Remember, there’s no long term requirement, so you don’t have to commit to anything major. SG is committed to serving the businesses that serve our athletes and their families.

Click Here to Complete Your Sponsorship Online!

As always, thanks for visiting SG…

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