Cara De Carlo is the admin/editor of Sportsgazelle, but she writes for lots of websites and magazines. Here are some links you might enjoy:

Sports Town  – This is a Post-Gazette site for high school sports coverage.

Cara’s Monthly Sports Column in Red Shtick- from November 2008 through Present

Winter 2010/11

A Journey of Faith – Interview with Denison field hockey midfielder/forward. In Denison Magazine

An Athlete on Wheels (scroll down) – Interview with Amy Spears, pivot for the Ohio Roller Girls. In Denison Magazine.

Fall 2010

Finally, Deadspin is the Subject of a Master’s Thesis – Barry Petchesky’s November 2010 article about my master’s thesis

Feature on Zack Von Rosenberg (pitcher for State College Spikes). This article ran in the September 2010 issue of 225 Magazine.

InRegister – September issue. I wrote the “My Life” piece.

News Stories (various topics)

Flea problems on the Gulf coast, October 2009

Ocean Springs adventure race – ran this in fall of 08

Photo gallery opening for Jenn Ocken


Interview with 3 bands (No Fuego, The Bastard Suns, Nothington)

Band interview with Justinbailey

Interview with DJ the Real Steven–life/

Interview with country singer Nicole Johnson

Band profile for No Fuego (Ran in September 2008 225 Magazine)

Interview with 6 Pack Deep, Red Shtick Magazine August 2010

Review of Alive: A Tribute to Pearl Jam, Red Shtick Magazine August 2010

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