Get Involved. Are you a high school or college student who wants to be a sports reporter? Or, do you know someone who fits this description? If so,’s Internship Program might be just what you need.
How It Works. This is your chance to build your reporting experience while enjoying your school’s sports events. Participation is easy. Simply go to a game, and then send me a quick report that follows our pre-set format. There will be opportunities to be creative with this, too; but we’ll tailor those to your preferences and resources.


Stand Out! In return for your work and creativity, you’ll be able to add Sportsgazelle to your growing college or professional resume. Experience is priceless when you want a career in the media, and I hope to help you along the way. Even if you’re not sure about a career in reporting, Sportsgazelle would be a great activity for anyone who loves sports. This is the place to be yourself and entertain people with sports. 

Doorway between a school pool area and the front/side hallway

 How to Sign Up: E-mail Tell me what sports or games you’re interested in covering and I’ll get you the format and deadline requirements you’ll need to follow. Be sure to include any other talents or interests you have (i.e., sports photography/videography, etc.). If you have already published examples of your talents and interests, send those, too. This will help us to specialize your SG experience to make it as effective and enjoyable for you as possible.

The part about your folks. One last thing: if you’re still in high school, you need permission. You’ll still be able to display your skills and attitude, but I need two seperate signatures from your parent or guardian. One signature will allow you to participate, and the other will allow me to put your full name in the byline. This way, we can run your sports stories knowing that your parents have an open line of communication with SG. And why shouldn’t they? Your folks will want to help you get the best fans for your future.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for right now. Contact me ( ) or spread the word!