Sportsgazelle is about the stories you want to see. At SG, we drive around and talk to your student athletes and coaches. We also go to Sheetz a lot.

SG isn’t limited to student athletics, though. We also give our take on sports at the amateur and professional levels. You’ll see all kinds of athletes at Sportsgazelle. Especially if their media relations people quit chasing us out of the locker rooms…

Most importantly, SG is fun! We’ve got photos, videos and podcasts to get you the information in a way that fits your moth-like attention span. Do you read the backs of cereal boxes, simply because they can keep your attention? Well, consider SG to be your cereal box for sports.

So, click around. Listen to a podcasted article or watch a video if you don’t feel like reading. And if you’ve got any questions, suggestions, or hilarious footage of yourself, contact SG at cara@sportsgazelle.com.

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