Fun with Legion Baseball Semifinals: Bushy Run – 9, Hempfield – 3

July 8, 2011 – Hempfield faced Bushy Run last night after coming off a tough series with Kiski Valley. The Hempfield team probably had to rush to wash their socks before taking the field again.

“We just didn’t play with a lot of energy,” said Manager Ron Frye, referring to the beginning of the game. Bushy Run had scored five runs in the first inning.

Hempfield is scheduled to play Bushy Run tonight for Game 2 (a game that will be played from tiny rowboats if the weather is any indication). Bushy Run is on a tear, but Hempfield East has a few things going for them. Case in point: attitude.

Clayton Heffner at bat for Hempfield East. If you can have a good time, you can play to win.

The other advantage Hempfield has? “Ninja focus.” (The team was saying this in the dugout when their batters were up.)

Bushy Run still scored two runs in the last inning of the game, making the final score 9-3. The BR Legion is going to be tough to beat, but being a couple of days removed from the Kiski series may help Hempfield to ninja-focus their defense. The semifinals are just warming up.

Hempfield East practices a scene from the musical “Damn Yankees.” (Photo credit: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times)

Ok, just kidding…

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