It was like something out of ‘Hoosiers’: Norwin falls to Elizabeth Forward in JV Championship, 35-34

IMPORTANT NOTE: Names will be added after I get a chance to talk to my Norwin booster contact again.

Game played June 30, 2011 & posted July 7, 2011 – Elizabeth Forward was leading Norwin 35-31 with a minute left to play. If you were one of the Knights, you might have been thinking to yourself:

It HAD to be basketball. I couldn’t have joined the darts team or the movie watching league or the ice cream eating club…or hat testing. Yeah. I would be a great hat tester….


But really, no one was thinking that at all. The Knights JV team refused to give up, and the Warriors were hell-bent on holding them. So much so, that #24’s push on Norwin’s #41 sent her straight to the line to shoot two. The one she made was the last foul shot that anyone would make in the game.

In fact, fatigue and aggression bred fouls like mean parents in that last minute. Norwin went to the line at least once more, and EF went three times. It was after EF’s second time that the window opened for Norwin, just a little further.

The foul shots missed, and the Knights boxed out. Their first shot deflected off the glass, but Norwin #40 was there for the rebound. She bounced to #45, who dropped two points that same second. But as soon as Elizabeth Forward recovered the shot, Norwin wrapped up their ball carrier. A clenched fist went into the air.

Once more, the fouled player could not make her shots! The deflected ball was blood in the water as Norwin #45 bit down on the rebound. Wasting no time, she passed to #40. Who bounced to #42. To #15. And the shot! Bounced off…

Norwin’s #23 and #45 fired at the glass as the clock ticked down. 4…3…2…1…annnnh! EF had held the paint in spite of Norwin’s siege. But the cheering subsided in less than ten seconds as the two teams lined up for handshakes. The scoreboard reset and the next two teams took the court. It was as if no one remembered the drama that had just happened.

Or, maybe they did remember.

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2 Responses to It was like something out of ‘Hoosiers’: Norwin falls to Elizabeth Forward in JV Championship, 35-34

  1. chuck says:

    The new logo/ headstaff is dynamite! The set up in general is vastly improved, and the advertising looks vibrant. Just remember though, its your consistent wonderful writing that makes this site more than a sports column. Hat wearing contest? – great thinking, great writing.

    • admin says:

      Thanks! I really just try to bring about an appreciation for the story behind what these kids do. It’s so much more than box scores, you know?
      Thanks again for reading!

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