FRREEEEDOMMMM! Braveheart on Final Day of Lacrosse Camp

July 5, 2011 – We’re jumping back to lacrosse camp. Sportsgazelle has become unstuck from time.

On Day 3 (last Thursday), two players faced off in a tradition called a braveheart. This is sometimes used to decide the outcome of a game that’s tied at the end of regulation. During the braveheart, everything stopped. The only thing going on in the entire world was lacrosse, at its basest form.

Music: Death of a Spacepiper, by the legendary bagpipe/punk rock band No Fuego

We can thank a particular group of people for handing down these traditions: the coaches. At this camp, the coaches were a diverse group of lacrosse experts from schools across the region.

Back row (L to R) Jess Melby (player, Davidson), Lindsay Rentel (Asst. Coach, Slippery Rock University), Emily Hopkins (Head Coach, SRU), Liz Ford (Head Coach, College of Wooster), Brie Donovan (player, Brown University), Becky Luzier (Head Coach, Bethel Park)

Front row (L to R) Kate Linkosky (player, Seton Hill University), Shanna Beichner (player, SHU), Courtney Tamastis (Asst. Coach, Marquette), Stephanie Janice (Head Coach representing for my undergrad alma mater Allegheny College – go Gators!), Mindy Richmond (Head Coach, IUP).


Cara De Carlo is the admin/editor of SG would like to thank all participants, coaches, and orchestrators at this year’s Winner’s Edge Lacrosse Camp for all of their time and help with this coverage.

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