There is no joy in Murrysville: Bushy Run sweeps Murrysville in Legion Baseball 1st Round

July 4, 2011 – A guy from Bushy Run was cheering for a Bushy Run batter. He said something to the effect that the Murrysville pitcher (Matt DiDiano, I think; M. DiDiano is listed as a third baseman on the Legion online roster) wasn’t about to throw another pitch like the one he just had. The guy said this to let the batter know he could relax and get a hit.

A Murrysville woman told the crowd that the cheering guy was getting on her nerves. “It’s a Legion game, buddy!” she said. “Did you hear the Oath?”

The guy answered. “That you’re not allowed to steal?” he said, laughing. I really don’t think he’d been talking trash about DiDiano so much as encouraging the batter. And even if he had been, why did Murrysville need to answer?

I’d also like to point out the selection of pop tunes played at the game as sides retired: Play that Funky Music, You Shook Me All Night Long (dance remix), Empire State of Mind, Enter Sandman, Renegade, Kung Fu Fighting, Crazy Train, and God Bless the USA. Very interesting combo, Legion. Do you do weddings?

Oh well. The final score was 5-2, but Murrysville had held a 2-1 lead into the seventh. Both teams’ defenses had been stellar. But Bushy Run had a two-out rally that gave them four more runs.

Segment 1 – Bushy Run pitcher Matt Kochasic pitched all seven innings played today. He was instrumental in today’s win.

Segment 2 – Bushy run runner ties the game, thanks to the bat of Nicholas Bergamasco.

Segment 3 – Ian Lindsay crosses the plate and Bergamasco slides to home.

Segment 4 – Anthony Delbene bats in the fourth run. Penn Township goes wild.

Bushy Run defeated Murrysville 7-3 at Penn Trafford High School July 3rd. Bushy Run’s next game depends on the progress of their potential opponent’s playoff series, so check back to SG for more Legion Baseball playoff coverage.

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4 Responses to There is no joy in Murrysville: Bushy Run sweeps Murrysville in Legion Baseball 1st Round

  1. Audrey Bartus says:

    Love that Mike Kochasic. Great game team.

  2. Audrey Bartus says:

    Love that Mike Kochasic,

  3. Audrey Bartus says:

    Love that Mike Kochasic, Dedicated to the game

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