Is this Basketball or Rugby, and do we care? Seton LaSalle tops Monessen in McK League Championship

An aside – To those interested in the Winner’s Edge Lacrosse Camp Final Day report, well have that up for you as part of our July 4th celebration here on SG! Right now it’s time for McKeesport League Basketball, where we’ve got some champions to brag about…

June 30, 2011 – Seton LaSalle won it, 37-27. But the game was so physical that it looked like rugby:

Segment 1 – Emily Wahl protects the ball and buys distance for Seton LaSalle. Wahl passes to Maura Sevan, who gets it to Raelyn Fencik, to Natalie Piagesi and back to Sevan, who takes the shot. Monessen denies proximity to the hoop.

Segment 2 – Geena Shrader finds Passion Harrison from the sideline, and Mariah Ward is ready at the point. Ward drives to the bucket and scores from behind her own back.

Segment 3 – Ultimately, SLS took more shots than Monessen in this highly defensive game. Here’s a great one by Seton La Salle’s Angela Heintz.

Segment 4 – A patriotic tribute to basketball/rugby…

Note that at two minutes left in the 1st half, neither team had broken the 10-point mark. The score was 9-6, Seton LaSalle. Also, in the JV Championship, Elizabeth Forward edged Norwin 35-34 in a barn-burner. Check back for the video next week.

This brings me to some thoughts on basketball and sports in general. I think the NBA is only pending a lockout because they feel like “everybody’s doing it.” Lockouts are now the ‘in’ way to get media attention for pro leagues in the offseason.

You know how high schools get attention in the offseason? Oh yeah – by playing.

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