Fans challenge Norwin’s moral reputation during the Knights’ volleyball playoff loss to Seneca Valley

A Seneca Valley student section. During Norwin serves, they chanted: “SLUT!  SLUT! SLUT!  SLUT! …” Hey, maybe they were hoping.


Yeah, that says Norwin lost. Seneca Valley swept the Knights by doing an amped up job of what Norwin always does. The Raiders were really good. But, just for sets and middles, here is a video from the first set. This is Norwin the way they typically play; pay careful attention to the amazing save (at about a minute in) by Brandon Kopko and the score by Joe Supko. (It was a big night for Joe.)

So, why didn’t Norwin have their best day? Did their Mohawks grow out? Not too much. But one thing I noticed was that Norwin got so many net violations that I thought the net would need support and counseling. Another thing was that the PA system came on in the beginning of the 3rd set to say, “NORWIN BUS DRIVER, YOU NEED TO MOVE YOUR BUS IMMEDIATELY” as if it was parked in the middle of the volleyball court. Third, there was a student section hell-bent on intimidation even when their team was leading.

And yet, I still don’t think any of these things brought Norwin down.

Norwin lost tonight because Seneca Valley simply played more skillfully.


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6 Responses to Fans challenge Norwin’s moral reputation during the Knights’ volleyball playoff loss to Seneca Valley

  1. Jen Laratonda says:

    I think should all sports events should be monitored for this kind of inappropriate behavior. It wouldn’t be difficult to do in a gymnasium. Young kids are present, and vulgar language should not be tolerated on school property.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Jen. I’m glad you caught my sarcasm about what I felt was a really un-sportsmanlike chant. There’s a lot you can say to cheer for your team and still keep it good natured, so why can’t people just _do_ that? I was once at a rugby match where one of the _coaches_ let loose with a string of f-bombs directed at his own players. There were sub-teenage kids right behind him, too. Unreal.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for the added coverage of the volleyball scene…I enjoyed your page. One thing I wanted to mention to you about the Norwin Knights. This was a fairly senior-laden team who played Weds. against SV while Vespers were taking place (severely limiting the Norwin student section). Then Friday’s consolation game vs. Butler was Graduation…yet all the seniors played rather than attend commencement and succeeded in moving to States. And Monday’s 1st round was Kennywood picnic day. And just a soapbox comment – I wish fans would realize these are just kids working their butts off on both sides of all sports and we should all just cheer for our teams and not against the opponent. Keep things positive…shows alot more class.

    • admin says:

      Hear, hear! And, thanks for the consolation/states update, Dave. Are the guys at State College? Also, big thanks for the positive comments on my site. My goal for it is to entertain our area using sports, so it’s great to know the times when I’m successful!

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