Chartiers Valley advances to Division II finals with a come-from-behind win over Shaler

The C-V Colts were losing to the Shaler Titans by six goals early in the game. But, the Colts won it with a final score of 12-10. Let’s get to the highlights.

Segment 1 – Fast reactions by CV goaltender Shelby Teagardener.

Segment 2 – Andra Labanc moves the net for Shaler to make it 5-1 at 15:40 remaining in the first half.

Segment 3- CV clears, then controls…all the way to a goal by Renee Kania.

So, as you can see it was an amazing game, with a bang-up performance by Brooke Czarnecki for CV (she scored 4 goals) and All-Star Elizabeth Casertano for Shaler.

Goaltending was an important part of CV’s win. Here’s CV’s second half goaltender warming up. Look for her making a save in Segment 3 in the video above.

One last thing. Shaler’s #12 Hannah Parks got injured but she still walked off of the field. To the guy in the navy blue t-shirt who said “She looks really hurt. Better Lifelight her out of here…” VERY loudly: you are a jerk. That is all.

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