Road Warriors: Penn Trafford beats Upper Saint Clair in 1st Round of WPIAL AAA Playoffs

Victory makes P-T look like this:

One more:

I am annoyed that this one’s blurry, those are some sweet ‘spirit fingers…’

The Warriors took the match in a decisive sweep. The scores were 25-18, 25-21, and 25-14 respectively. So, let’s go to the tape:

  1. USC fails to return two consecutive serves. The serves were dished out by Joe Bortak. The celebrations were by Sam Kavel, Jake Nedley, Drew Reger, and Colin Lesnick, and Perry Artz.
  2. Game Point. The duration says everything.

These clips were from the third match, but they are representative of all three. Penn Trafford basically outplayed the Panthers, hitting the ball in between them like they were stuck on a foosball stick. The weird part is what happened after the game. The rain stopped. The traffic cleared. Birds started singing to dogs. The IRS switched from audits to hugs. What was it about this game?

We’ll have to see on Thursday, when P-T has their next playoff game at North Allegheny. In the meantime, I’m really happy about the traffic clearing. I need to go ice my clutch-foot to get ready for the next game.

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