SG Visits the Hamptons — I mean, Hampton…

Hampton High School was supposed to host a couple of WPIAL softball playoff games today. But the field wasn’t even fit for dogs!

I had gone out to catch the 3-6 matchup, Franklin Regional vs. Mt. Lebanon. In the process, I learned two things.

1. Hampton High School has not had a day this quiet since the dinosaurs died.

2. Hampton is home of the “Talbots.”  This does not mean that it has a ladies’ clothing store, it actually means the mascot is a cool dog. When I was in high school marching band, we went to an away game at Hampton where they had the word “TALBOTS” arranged in blue and gold plywood letters on a hillside. We, the students of Franklin Regional, then took it upon ourselves to arrange the letters to say: “BLOATS.” Now that I know ”Talbots” meant a dog, I feel bad about the decision.

So, what does this mean? Where does this get us? Why are we starting Rainout Mondays during playoffs week?

The FR/Mt. Lebo game has been rescheduled for Wednesday. But I really think it’s time we invented an alternative sport. Because, today, the sky wasn’t raining. The ground was just full of old rain. So, it is at this time that I propose “ground drying” as a varsity sport. Every softball or baseball team must attend with their ground drying team. The g-d team that gets their field half dry first wins the match. Ground drying will be an intense sport that combines engineering with manual labor. Following a g-d match, the originally scheduled softball game can happen!

But, enough of my wild dreams. Check back tomorrow, in hopes that a game has happened.

Cara De Carlo is fed up with all the rain…

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