Physical vs. Airborne: Woodland Hills Lady Wolverines at Franklin Regional Lady Panthers

On Monday, December 20, 2010 Woodland Hills Lady Wolverine Basketball took on the Franklin Regional Lady Panthers. The game was so intense that I ate a bag of doughnuts.

Don’t feel like reading? Listen instead:

The Lady Wolverines handled the first quarter skillfully with a long-passing style of play. Likewise, Franklin Regional held their own with a physical, aggressive style. The quarter ended with Woodland Hills up, 13-11.

The Panthers and Wolverines battled through the 2nd and 3rd quarters, ending each with Woodland Hills in the lead. Woodland Hills’s high-flying offense dropped point after point assisted by playmaker Delrika Jones-Kerry. The Panthers gained on the Wolverines by pressing and shooting, powered by the interceptions and breakaways of Hanna Wagner.  Similarly, Franklin Regional’s Baylee Buleca was employed effectively as a guard. This broke up Woodland Hills’s passing ring and gave Franklin Regional momentum.  Natalie Alexander was unstoppable from the field, scoring critical 3-pointers. With an end-3rd quarter score of 42-39 Woodland Hills, the game was still anybody’s.

With one minute left, the score was 54-52 and Woodland Hills made two points at the line. But a clutch 3-pointer by Hanna Wagner put control back in Franklin’s hands. At 7.1 seconds left, the score was tied at 56 when Meghan Riley drew the foul and went to the line. The game ended with a score of 58-56, Franklin Regional.


I had three key questions for three key FR players: Maggie Kimmich, Meghan Riley, and Natalie Alexander.

1)      Where/how did you develop your physical style of play?

2)      What would you say the team does best on the court?

3)      Will you play basketball after high school?

Check the audio to hear what they said!

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