Greensburg Salem has no boys’ lacrosse and Bethel Park has no playoff schedule…

Neither team let it slow them down.

Nick Defrancesco, a Greensburg Salem High School lacrosse player, plays for the girls’ team because GS has no lacrosse team for guys. Defrancesco wears the required uniform. This could be because of PIAA regulations, but I don’t think he’s fixated on fashion enough to care at gametime.

Defrancesco seemed pretty used to being asked why he was playing on a girls’ team.  He told me that the Athletic Director had let him play the previous year, and that he was simply back for another season. “I’m going to try to walk on at Penn State,” Defrancesco joked.

“Or, you could shoot for the ACC,” I said. “Aim high…”

Defrancesco was cool. But, so was this game.

A couple of telling clips. Bethel Park’s offense scored consistently throughout the game, and each goal was as fast as the two you are about to see. In the second clip, GS really comes together to create a great goal for Kelly Dzialowski.

Let me start off my talk about this game by saying that anyone unfamiliar with Greensburg Salem home games needs to head to Offutt Field in Greensburg, PA and not Greensburg Salem’s school complex. Mistakes like this cause new-to-towners like me to be 15 minutes late. That said, I arrived as Bethel Park’s Kelly Gastgeb scored a goal. At 9 minutes left in the first half, the score was 10-2 in favor of Bethel Park.

This goal was answered by Greensburg Salem’s Barbara Marschik, and then BP continued to light up the goal. Before the end of the half, Bethel Park got points from Leighann Warholak, Haley Schemm, Lauren Prough, and Lauren Petronie.

Greensburg Salem came back with a vengeance in the second half. Kelly Dzialowski scored for the Lions only 52 seconds in. Within a couple of minutes later, she did it again (the goal you saw in the video above). This made the score 15-5, Bethel Park.

Bethel Park’s Sara Zataweski soon answered, though. So, Greensburg Salem fought to keep the ball in Bethel Park’s end.  Jaydyn Morrison played great defense, followed by a spin-move and a breakaway deep into Black Hawk territory. But, a penalty allowed BP to recover and score with a nice goal by Lauren Prough.

Shannon Golden scored twice for Bethel Park before the game ended. But, during the last few minutes of the game, some notable things happened for GS. Greensburg Salem’s coaching staff urged the team to play serious man-on-man defense, and I have to give a mention to Sam Wright and Ariel Thurman. Their defense was effective and clean, which is tough. Girls’ lacrosse is a sport where you carry sticks, but get penalized for contact.

The final score was 19-5, Bethel Park.

The big thing I wanted from this game was a look at Bethel Park as they head into the playoffs. I think they’ve got both momentum and motivation, so they’re going to be tough to beat. But when I asked about the upcoming schedule, I was told that the team had not yet been told its seed.

Come on WPIAL directors, your deadlines are fast approaching…

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