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This week’s matchup is Penn Trafford at Penn Hills. The Warriors were up for a little redemption after losing to Penn Hills at home last month. Tonight, Penn Trafford got their redemption with a decisive, 3-game sweep.
PT sets up Drew Reger to increase their lead in the third.

When I got to Penn Hills High School, a couple of boosters were sitting out front and trying to decide what kind of a ticket to sell me. “Are you a student or an adult?” they asked.

Unfortunately, my tired brain made this into a hard question.

“Neither,” was my answer. The boosters looked at each other.

What I’d meant was that I was unaffiliated with Penn Hills, but it came out completely wrong. So I tried to show the boosters my business card and camera. I don’t have a camera case, so I keep my camera in one of those bags you get on a bottle of Crown. I bet this goes over great at high schools.

Seriously, though – the boosters were cool after I explained everything. The whole thing just begs the question of how you get media credentials for a high school sporting event and a media outlet that you made up yourself…

Like I said, Penn Trafford was in this for some redemption, but also to tie for second place in Section 3-AAA. They did it by keeping a wide lead, especially in the second game.  Penn Trafford’s team play was textbook volleyball tonight. When they set Sam Kavel up for a well placed spike in the second, you can be sure that the Warriors would have done the same for any other man up front. Penn Trafford made their scorers look like stars with all of their machine-like sets.

Penn Hills is also a really good volleyball team, and they came out on fire in the third. After being lapped by leads of 10 points or more through the second, they weren’t ready to let their story end. However, the end of the third game saw the net as the Indians’ biggest enemy. At least 4 volleys in the last half of the third ended because of PH hits to the net.

Well, congratulations to Penn Trafford on this important victory. This concludes tonight’s episode of “Volleyball teams that Start with Penn.” Be sure to tune in this winter for “Basketball Teams that Start with Seton.”

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