Norwin at Canon-McMillan Lacrosse: South Hills Field Trip!

We are the Knights who say…Norwin! Tonight, the Knights beat the Canon-McMillan Big Macs 6-5. The two teams were neck-and-neck the whole game.

Each team scored one goal in the first quarter. It took until 3:32 were left in the second for a third goal to be scored. Canon-Mac’s Adam Galambos got the goal. Canon-Mac kept the ball in Norwin’s end for most of the second quarter.

The Knights had plans, though. With 9:26 left in the third, Norwin’s #29 scored. Only 29 seconds later, Norwin got another goal scored by #14. It was like the Knights had gone Jedi.

But, the Big Macs struck back. With 5:43 left in the third, a goal by Nick Podazewski tied the game. Podazewski scored again with 1:12 left in the third:

With seven and a half minutes left in the fourth, Norwin appeared to have a shot go in but it was not called a goal. So, the Knights fought harder.

Canon-McMillan’s Tyler Slovik scored with 6 minutes left. I don’t know what Norwin was talking about in the time-out that followed, but here’s what happened in the end of the game.

The Big Macs were leading the Knights 5-3. At 3:48 remaining, Norwin scored this goal

followed by a slashing call on Canon-Mac.

The Big Macs didn’t want the penalty to slow them down, so they still took the ball into Norwin’s end and shot. A beautiful save by keeper Ferris kept momentum alive for the Knights.

With 26 seconds left, the Knights got their game-tying goal scored by Jagger Barlock. The game-winner happened 16 seconds later, scored by Norwin’s Tyler Liebozinski. However, Canon-Mac still put the ball in Norwin’s goal, just after time ran out. Game over. Winner: Norwin.

Penguins, schmenguins.

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