SG Rainout Tuesdays: Norwin Baseball Tarp-Pulling

Today’s baseball game at Norwin looked more like a Penguins’ playoff game. Lightning was all over us.

How do I keep finding these days?

The game, Franklin Regional at Norwin, was called before the first pitch. So here’s some more action in the PA Tarp Pullers Association.

Some tarp pullers get really into it… In the second part of the clip you can hear the guys next to me actually commenting on the tarp. You see what our sports have become?

I drove west toward clearer skies, but to no avail.

At Penn Trafford, the rain was still coming down pretty good. By the time I got to Franklin Regional, the weather had cleared up but no sporting events were going on. Except if you count these guys:

They were really fast. They were like, the champions of the Old Guys Walking League.

Sheesh, I’m going to have to change the name of the site to

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