Seton LaSalle at Norwin Lacrosse: Endurance Battle

Last night, the Seton LaSalle Rebels beat the Norwin Knights 9-5 on a cold night in Norwin’s Stadium. In the end, the Rebel forces just wore the Knights down.

SLS scored four goals in the first quarter, countered by Norwin’s two. Norwin scored again in the second quarter, a fabulous shot from the 35. Immediately, a goal was added to Seton LaSalle’s side of the scoreboard, making the score 6-2.

“It’s 5 to 3, sir!” yelled a Norwin parent.

The goal was re-awarded to Norwin, and followed by a SLS goal. 6-3.

SLS then went man up on a Norwin cross check, but Norwin’s #22 Joe Williams still made an amazing breakaway. Williams set up #14 for the shot, but it went wide of the goal.

Seton LaSalle’s #60 (“Charlie”) then scored, making the game 7-3 at the half.

Norwin’s team play improved in the third quarter. The first ten minutes of the quarter were scoreless and played mostly in Seton LaSalle’s end. The second half intensity really wore the two teams down, and each of them used time-outs to disrupt the other’s momentum. Following Norwin’s time-out, Seton LaSalle scored at the third quarter buzzer.

The fourth quarter began with some great saves by SLS’s keeper (“Mark”), but Norwin’s “Tyler” and Norwin #29 soon scored. These two goals gave Norwin momentum, but the Knights were tired. A fight broke out at the 45 yard line, and Norwin’s #22 Joe Williams was brought off of the field clutching his face. He was followed by Seton LaSalle #30 and Seton LaSalle #4. A Norwin penalty put the Rebels man up, and they scored mid way through the 4th.

A ridiculous hit on a Norwin player gave the Knights a man advantage, but fatigue was in control on both sides. One more collision left Seton LaSalle’s #28 lying motionless in the Rebels’ end. Fortunately, he regained consciousness and was helped off of the field.

While #28 was out, the other players took a knee and a hush went over the stadium. But the students behind me were making comments. “Nap time!” said one. All I could think was, “Shut up!” I tried to tell myself it was a nervous use of humor, but I was really grossed out at all the laughter. How can you joke when the kid’s still just lying there? It’s only when a buddy’s recovering that you can make fun of each other and laugh.

The game ended soon thereafter, with a final score of 9-5. Overall, Seton LaSalle wore Norwin down faster than they could overcome the goal deficit. But both teams were pretty tired at the end.

I hope #28 is alright.

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