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It was a great day for Association Tarp Pulling! Check this out!

Just kidding, it had been softball before the tarp-fest started. I arrived late. I’d been looking around for a Latrobe at FR tennis match that had been moved an hour earlier at an alternate location. The tennis players were smart to do this.

I entered the softball game and Plum Borough had scored one run. But, a swift play at first retired the side and Franklin Regional was up to bat. They soon countered Plum with an RBI double. Here’s how it went down:

The Lady Panthers had a big first inning, culminating in a Panthers (#34) home run sailing over the left field wall.  The two teams held each other well in the second inning. FR pitcher #12 (“Sarah”) allowed only a walk. The batter, Plum Borough #17, stole second to gain some ground for the Mustangs. However, she was left on base. Next, Plum pitcher “Taylor” threw hard and fast. Franklin Regional’s offense still added two runs before ending the inning with a “foot foul” called on a batter. The score was 4-1 Franklin Regional at the beginning of the third inning.

Early in the third, the weather reached PIAA “Cats and Dogs” status and the game had to be called. Plum Borough activated their watercraft and motored swiftly away. The rest of us had to fend for ourselves.

On my way out, I overheard somebody ask a guy how girls play softball in Seattle, where it rains for 37 hours a day. The guy’s response was, “They move to Arizona.”

Cara De Carlo is moving to Arizona the admin/editor of

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