Made Up Holiday Animals

I had an Easter-related realization today. The rainy weather has put my sinuses on spin cycle, and this morning I got an Easter basket of Allegra and Breathe-Rite strips. “Whaddya know?” I said. “The Allegra Bunny finally came!”

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Ok, so maybe it wasn’t an Easter basket of sinus stuff so much as some things my Dad left in the bathroom. Nonetheless, it made me realize how many Made Up Holiday Animals we have here in this house:

Allegra Bunny – Stops by at the start of baseball season. For the houses of all the kids who sneeze at the first sign of a good time.

Thanksgiving Wasp – Was killed by my brother after we came out of food/alcohol comas. Not a popular holiday animal. The only one less popular is the

Every Damn Day Stink Bug – What’s the deal with these things? We didn’t have bugs this bad when I lived in Louisiana!

Ok, these are just some closing thoughts for the day. SG will be back to the sports tomorrow after they wring out the fields…

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