Sportsgazelle is on hiatus

So, how do I explain this? I love my blog and every bit of creativity I put into it. But when September hit, I was offered the opportunity to put that creativity into another site to make a living.

It was an opportunity I took…

Sports Town is the site I now work for. No, my writing is not quite the same on Sports Town as it is here on Sports Town is funded by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, an institution which frowns upon fart jokes.  

This only means I make fun of other things when I write for Sports Town….

Will I ever go back to doing the same way I did over most of 2011? The most likely answer is that will always exist as a part of my job with Sports Town. I still make the jokes. I still do photos and videos at games. And I still bring an edge to high school sports. The only difference is that I get paid now.

Have I given up on the idea of SG as its own business? No. But I am putting it on the back burner while making Sports Town money. I was very new in the sponsorship-seeking role when I first tried it for SG, and I wasn’t able to get the system off of the ground before things with Sports Town really kicked in. But, summer comes every year, and SG taught me how to cover high school sports in summer. The plan for SG is that I’ll keep the domain, and if I find myself in a gap with Sports Town, SG will be here where I’ve left it.

What can SG readers do in the meantime? Well, if you missed an stories from the past year, they are all still here. And still awesome, if I do say so…

SG readers, you have to understand that this is bittersweet for me. This sit was my baby when I was trying to get a job. Hell, I wanted to to be my job. And I found a company that wanted to hire me for everything I did and learned here wth! It’s great, and I’m happy about it. The bittersweetness only comes from the fact that it’s not my gazelle. Sports Town will never have the voice or the jumping gazelle logo that I worked so hard to develop.

But Sports Town gets more and more of these things over time, alongside a useful dose of information from all of my co workers. No matter what happens here at, the Gazelle will be alive and well..

And to those at any other websites using the word Gazelle, I say forget you! I’m keeping this domain and all my good stuff here forever.

Thanks for reading, western PA high school sports fans!

Cara De Carlo is the admin/editor of


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