SG is almost through the schedule break…

September 12, 2011 – Ok, ok, I’m WAY behind on my posting, but stay with us – it’ll be coming back on schedule after this week. The truth is, I’m looking for some good interns who can help me when things get crazy with work. Please note that I’m not complaining — my job is pretty cool!

The video I keep talking about (the Penn-Trafford football home opener) will be up in the next couple of days. Mark Scheinert (my new video editor) and I got together and hacked through it last Friday night. We just need to add the right soundtrack now. I was thinking we’d add something special. Something… that won’t get us busted by the RIAA…

Also, I have stories to tell from this past weekend. I attended the 2011 Red, White and Blue Classic, a giant cross country meet.

The meet was held at Schenley Park, a place that would be more aptly named “The Eighth Circle of Hell,” because it was buried in a weird location and had absolutely no parking. A Scottish man with a dog had to show me where the race was happening, because the only designated parking area on the map was literally miles from the meet.

Nonetheless, I got there. I took pictures. I annoyed people. And, I called Triple-A to jumpstart my car. It was… an adventure.

So, stay-put, SG fans. We’re about to jumpstart the site. We just need a little time to make some money…

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