Opening Night Football 2011: Peters Township at Penn Trafford

September 3, 2011-

Drum roll, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve already got the scores and recaps for every game in the WPIAL. Those were in the Post-Gazette by one this morning. (I know because I had to re-post them on Sports Town for work.) It’s true that I’ll never have the volume of information of those people. (Hell, I am those people). But, what I can give you is something they haven’t got. It’s a little something I”d like to call “the view from down here.” It’s what you get when you’re 5-foot-1 and make it down onto the field for opening night.

Yes, I’m aware the Warriors spanked the Indians 42-12. Yes, I was geeked when I watched Simpson run. But there’s just so much more to it than that…

I have a ton of video to work through, but once I post it you’ll be able to see a football season-opener for the electric atmosphere it’s meant to have. There was an editorial in the Post-Gazette the other day from the point of view of a woman who felt that there was no school spirit for football, anymore. Once you see my video, you’ll be able to call bull[SUGAR] on that one.

Ok, I have to go. One more page of links to record for work and then I’m off to watch a game without taking notes, for a change. My alma mater LSU TIGERS are taking the field at Cowboys Stadium to face the Oregon Ducks, and I must hinge on the game to find out whether or not it will make folks make fun of me.

I’ll have the PT-at-PT showdown video up in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with this question:

What would be the best dance to do if you just sacked an opponent’s quarterback?

Find out soon…

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