Field Hockey highlights and more: Penn Trafford 2, Greensburg Salem 0

September 3, 2011 – These are delayed, but they’re very cool! This game was played on Wednesday, August 31.

(video work by Mark Scheinert)

Whom you’re watching: Taylor Bell, Isabel Siergiej, Marisa Siergiej, and the rest of the teams from Penn Trafford and Greensburg-Salem.

I wanted to make a note to anyone who’s never been to Offut, where Greensburg-Salem plays home games. If you get the chance, check out a game there. The stadium is set in downtown Greensburg, amidst scenic older buildings. Offut has a real “old-time-football” feel to it.

It also has handicapped parking spaces that are not very clearly delineated until you are transferring files at your Jeep when a guy starts yelling at you…

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