“Tiger!” “Horses!” “Utah!” Franklin Regional over Knoch, 14-10 in scrimmage

August 27, 2011 – One of the most entertaining things about football will always be the playcalls.

It is important to note that no one needed to use this item on Friday.

Franklin Regional played some aggressive defense in this one, but here are some video highlights.

What you’re watching:

1-  Suave defense by FR’s Nick Helsley 2- Catch and  touchdown by Knoch  3- Dane Brown (FR) runs for 64. 4- Knoch kicks the extra point to go along with their touchdown. (It’s not chronological; it was just a pretty ending to the reel…)

A couple quick notes:

On the clip in the video, you see Dane Brown running to the opposing 34. After that, FR got the ball to the 18 on the next play. From there, Franklin had a busted pass attempt that was almost a Knoch interception. Finally, Mark Nicholas ran it in for the touchdown.

The FR defense held Knoch to one touchdown and one field goal.

On Franklin Regional’s last possession, they really mixed it up nicely. It was first down at the 38 when the Panthers passed to get to the opposing 46. A quick rugby-pitch and run brought the ball to the 37, and then the ball took another run to the 26. A pass to Charan Singh gave the Panthers a gain of two, and here is where I make my point.

The ball was at the 24, and Dane Brown ran with some spectacular blocking to the goal. It was as if the route had been paved. A couple of months ago when I attended a “Clinic on Defense” for the mothers of FR players, Coach Botta said that the offense was going to score a lot. He called this a “problem” because it might make the defense underappreciated. While I hope this is not the case (recall that Knoch’s inability to score two touchdowns allowed Franklin to win the game), I also hope that the blocking in plays like Brown’s is not unappreciated. Actually, I have a wild guess that Brown appreciated the blocking a lot.

Ok, uh…Horses!

Cara De Carlo is the admin/editor of Sportsgazelle.com.

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