SG goes World Cup Style: FR goes 2-0 over Hempfield at Wednesday’s scrimmage

August 27, 2011- Check out the sweet hit by Franklin Regional’s Nicolette Fonseca in the opening sequence of this video. Then, check out the Hempfield defense. I was told that goaltender Olivia Haile was in during the game, but you can hear someone in the crowd cheer for Mikayla Anderson following one of the saves. Either way, Franklin made a lot of shots, and the goalie made a lot of saves.


1- Breakaway by FR #12 Haley Zeliff.  2- Deflection after a shot by FR #9 – Stephanie Pellegrino 3- Goal by FR #4 Karli Popko

A little known fact? Hempfield’s football stadium is being renovated, so there are gaping holes you have to not fall into. Also, be aware of the “Stairway to Nowhere.” It leads from the bottom of the bleachers to the top, where there is some caution tape and another deep hole.  I had to climb around it while shoulder-bagging my briefcase and operating my laptop. I looked like I was negotiating a laser-field.

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