Penn Trafford at Greensburg Central Catholic: Another GIAS (guy in a skirt) alert

August 24, 2011- Check out this video to see Dom Antonucci playing for Greensburg Central Catholic. I mention Antonucci for the same reason I featured Nick Defrancesco at Greensburg Salem last spring:

These guys deserve a lot of credit.

Where Antonucci is concerned, however, I have a question. The Post-Gazette article I linked to Antonucci’s name said that there were five guys playing for GCC last fall. So, where were the other four this fall? Did they graduate? Or, has GCC chosen to limit the number of guys on the field at one time? In the article, Vincentian’s field hockey coach (Dorsch) had voiced disagreement with the idea of boys playing field hockey with girls on the high school level. Hopefully, my questions will be answered as the season goes on. Penn Trafford’s Harry Miller is both a guy and a goaltender, and no one has complained that he is bigger than the girls and takes up more room in goal. (Miller was not in goal for PT during the game that I watched.)

Ok, ok. Speaking of the game, remember I said that Penn-Trafford won 5-0. Scoring goals were: Isabel (Siergiej), Amanda (not sure – there are two), Taylor (not sure – there are two “Taylor” first names and two Taylor last names), and I’m not sure who scored the first goal (the one in the intro to the video). Let’s just say I’m really looking forward to regular season contests with jersey numbers and rosters… the past summer of club leagues and camps has been tricky!

One more note about GCC’s goaltender – recall that Alanna Figurelli is not GCC’s regular goaltender. I’m not sure what made her have to step up and do it on Monday, but she did a solid job for her team. Be sure to check out her quick saves in the video.

I’m going to check out the inside of my eyelids for awhile…

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