Penn-Trafford Field Hockey wins at Greensburg Central Catholic in scrimmage

August 23, 2011 – The game was held yesterday at Greensburg Central Catholic, and the Warriors won 5-0. (This score is corrected. I put it up last night while I was tired and loopy, and I said the score was only 4-0. After going over my notes again today, I saw that I’d missed a goal. Apologies to the Warriors!)

I’ll post the video tomorrow (8.24), but a couple of important details had to go up today.

Alana Figurelli tended goal for the Centurions. It may seem like things were tough, but I found out later that Figurelli is not the regular goaltender. Kudos to her for stepping up to the job!

I also found out that GCC is another one of those teams that has a guy-in-a-skirt playing, because there is no boys’ field hockey team. (There are not many.)

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