Plum at Penn-Trafford Football Scrimmage: Yes, America, you CAN get nachos at 9am!

August 20, 2011 – Penn Trafford won this one 21-7. The concessions stand really brought its A-game.

The JV game started at 9am, but the stand was open and ready to do business all morning.

This was good for the part of the crowd that says, “Last night was crazy – I’m gonna need some nachos this morning.”

Here’s the important part. Penn Trafford won on three touchdowns from Dorian Stevens, Manny Simpson, and Dom Cima (see below).

Emerick to Cima again. It’s as if they’ve worked on this before…

The thing about this video is something you’ll see better as I post more from Penn Trafford: the whole team is working, not just Emerick and Cima. I’ll provide more highlights as the season gets going, but in the meantime I hope you’ve enjoyed another nice pass.

Stay tuned for regular season high school football, SG style!

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