Greensburg Central Catholic answers the question of what’s missing from summer football: Special Teams!

August 20, 2011 – TV in the ‘80’s gave us Very Special Episodes. This is a Very Special Teams Episode.

People in this video: 1-Ben Kisiel, kicking. 2- Tim Johnson, punting.  3- Travis Andring, punting.  4- Andring again. 5- Daniel Sepulveda. (Gotcha – it’s really Travis Andring yet again). Also, Garrett Brooks with the return.  6- Practice-jersey-number 58, kicking. 7- Greensburg Central Catholic Special teams, putting it all together

Possibly the coolest thing about this day at GCC football camp was the trainers, however. We often see them working the sidelines, driving a golf cart full of supplies, and never making a lot of noise. But, maybe they should make some.

“There was a JV game at Mt. Pleasant where there were about two dozen injuries,” said trainer Richard Miller after being asked about his craziest training experience. The injury list included everything from a popped thumb to two concussions, Miller had said.

L to R: Cody Marsh, Kyle Cardello Elizabeth Harhi, Alida Narcissi, Bridget Morse, Richard Miller, Rachel Deglau

In case you were wondering, students like these become trainers by attending summer camps of their own.

That’s pretty cool, considering the odds of being employed as a medical professional are like, 232948798 times higher than the odds of being employed as a professional athlete.

Maybe the odds will even out, someday.

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