August 12, 2011 – Often, the things of this world need to be readjusted.

From Wednesday, August 10th  - The second-worst parking job Norwin Senior High School has ever seen. (The first worst belongs to the Norwin Bus Driver who took the Volleyball team to Chartiers Valley during WPIALs. I don’t know where the guy parked, but the folks running the PA system complained like he’d parked that bus in their living rooms.

My own readjustment will be with the Weekly Calendar. With the dawn of a new school year, my job will have me busier in the early part of the week. Likewise, SG’s events and coverage will shift toward the weekend. You’ll still be getting at least 4 great posts per week, but the timing will be different than what it has been in the past.

Stay tuned for an updated Weekly Calendar.

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