“When you’re on the ice, there’s no time-out.” Words of the Franklin Regional Hockey Club

August 5, 2011 – We can thank Franklin Regional’s Head Coach Anthony DeFazio for the above quote from last night.

People to watch for: 1 – Brett Trottier skates with more balance than a bowl of Total. 2 – Coach Mike Reilly moves the net from the blue line, just for fun. 3 – Brandon Lovas wonders why there’s a camera in the middle of ‘suicides.’ 4 – Matt Barnett puts the hit on Jake Stebbins in the middle of a 2-on-2 drill.

Music: ‘Ups and Downs’ by No Fuego , a bunch of stouthearted punks in South Louisiana!

The first time I went to FR summer hockey practice was three weeks ago, and I thought the teams looked skilled. Last night’s practice showed their discipline.

Coach DeFazio kept players moving. Drill after drill after drill, they worked. As I watched, I learned that “ice pushups” are not a type of Popsicle.

According to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, the most underrated quality in America is discipline. If that’s true, then Franklin Regional Hockey Club does not fit the trend. They’re working for something big this season.

Cheers to more FR Hockey at practices and games.

Cara De Carlo is the admin/editor of Sportsgazelle.com.

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