Meet Lacrosse’s cool cousin, Field Hockey at Penn Trafford

July 25, 2011 (Camp attended July 20, 2011) – Field Hockey is like lacrosse’s cool cousin who lives far away. When the two finally go to the same school, they can share ideas and resources.

In this video you see: Jenna Duffield, Marisa Siergiej, Isabel Siergiej, Tori Lago, Taylor Bell, Mary Taylor, Alexis Galucci, Sydney Pribanic, Ashley Funyak, Amanda Steffi, Elizabeth Carter, Harry Miller (goaltending), and Cindy Dutt (head coach).

Such is not yet the case for many schools. Penn Trafford, for example, has field hockey but no lacrosse.  But, what you may not realize is that most of the world defines field hockey as good times. “In Europe, field hockey is king,” said Head Coach Cindy Dutt.

Sweet monarchy, I thought.  The camp was actually being run by coaches from all over the world. Jen Law is British, and she was working with the younger group at camp. Jenna Duffield, a teacher from South Africa, was working with the high school group. Likewise, Adam Williams (Wales) was working with the goaltenders.

It was better than the Royal Wedding…

Warrior Field Hockey plays its first game, a scrimmage, at Greensburg Central Catholic on August 22. Go, and rock your weird hat!

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