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Mt. Lebanon Lacrosse Controls the Game over Franklin Regional By Cara De Carlo The Mt. Lebanon Blue Devils really brought the heat to a 38-degree FR field. The Devils controlled the game offensively and beat the Panthers 15-2. Mt. Lebanon’s … Continue reading

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Made Up Holiday Animals

I had an Easter-related realization today. The rainy weather has put my sinuses on spin cycle, and this morning I got an Easter basket of Allegra and Breathe-Rite strips. “Whaddya know?” I said. “The Allegra Bunny finally came!” photo from … Continue reading

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Well, it was a great day in high school ark-building…

by Cara De Carlo Between the four nearest high schools (Franklin Regional, Norwin, Penn Trafford, and Plum) I counted 26 sporting events cancelled or postponed today. This number doesn’t account for the events where one of these schools was actually … Continue reading

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Sports for the Water Cooler

My brother works a schedule that makes adderall run away. So when he told me he wished he knew what was going on in sports so that he could make conversation about it at work, I got this idea. What … Continue reading

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New Logos for Sportsgazelle!

I have to keep tonight’s post short, since it took me long enough to figure out how to convert .TIFs to .JPGs. But, it’s just as well. My awesome new visuals can do the talking. Continue reading

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One Big Podcast for April

In case you missed these great podcasts from February 2011 through the first weekend in April, you can hear them all by clicking here. A new window will open and all of the articles will automatically play. Also, here’s the … Continue reading

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Penn Hills at Penn Trafford Boys Volleyball: Gravity Kills

By Cara De Carlo Last time I came to Penn Trafford, I almost got hit in the head by an in-play basketball. I better hide here in this volleyball game so it doesn’t happen again! Continue reading

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Cedeno Needs to Go

Seriously Rodney Cedeno needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. Cedneo plays at probably the most important defensive position on the field and he is terrible at it. Sports Illustrated wrote about him in last weeks issue saying, “when … Continue reading

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What is this about?

Maybe this is just the Big East homer talking, but what is the nation thinking? A near 50/50 split with the nation tipping slightly toward Butler to win tonight’s National Championship game. It is easy to root for the underdog … Continue reading

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PA Dek Hockey: Turtles win over Easy Pickens, 6-1

by Cara De Carlo Today in the Pennsylvania Dek Hockey League, the Turtles ousted Easy Pickens in a largely offensive battle. Dek hockey is all-forechecking, all the time. Don’t feel like reading? Listen instead: Continue reading

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