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Joshua Visokey Wins at City League Tournament

I’ve just received word that my Number One Favorite Wrestler Josh Visokey (of Perry High School) has won his second consecutive gold medal in the City League tournament held at Carrick. Congratulations to Visokey and his teammmates! Continue reading

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From the Cheap Seats: Xavier Basketball at Duquesne (1:34 vid)

Check out the part where I went down to the court and almost got stuck in Jamel McLean’s (F, Xavier) armpit. I didn’t, though… Continue reading

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Dead Computer Traps Duq Basketball Videos, Website Operator Irate

AP – A crappy power cord is thought to be the cause of my laptop’s persistent coma. Until the Acer can be revived, we’ll have to simulate my Xavier at Duquesne videos using sock puppets. Due to the game’s high … Continue reading

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Winter Lacrosse Prepares Teams for Spring Season (1:18 video package)

I attended indoor practice and gametime with Murrysville Lacrosse. Murrysville Lacrosse is part of the winter “tune-up” league that gets Franklin Regional players ready for their spring season. Thanks again to JD, Jonathan, Chris, and Patrick for participating in the … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLV: Not Safe For Couches!

Three couches have been set on fire on Friendship Avenue in the wake of Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl loss. Authorities warn that if you are on a couch to exit the furniture before going outside. Also, you may want to remain … Continue reading

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Women’s Football: The Pittsburgh Force (1:19 video)

Please note that the coach you’ll see is not actually Scott Van Pelt. The two really look alike, though. Also, one further note about the footage. I had originally included clips of agility drills and line practice, but somehow the … Continue reading

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