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Seton LaSalle at Norwin Lacrosse: Endurance Battle

Last night, the Seton LaSalle Rebels beat the Norwin Knights 9-5 on a cold night in Norwin’s Stadium. In the end, the Rebel forces just wore the Knights down. SLS scored four goals in the first quarter, Continue reading

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Sports for the Water Cooler

My brother works a schedule that makes adderall run away. So when he told me he wished he knew what was going on in sports so that he could make conversation about it at work, I got this idea. What … Continue reading

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Hempfield at Franklin Regional Track: Hide Your Bling

by Cara De Carlo Hempfield Varsity Track competed today at Franklin Regional. The weather was cold as a shot-put ball during football season. The meet’s key finding was that PIAA officials hate jewelry. The hatred stems from an official rule, … Continue reading

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From the Cheap Seats: Xavier Basketball at Duquesne (1:34 vid)

Check out the part where I went down to the court and almost got stuck in Jamel McLean’s (F, Xavier) armpit. I didn’t, though… Continue reading

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Winter Lacrosse Prepares Teams for Spring Season (1:18 video package)

I attended indoor practice and gametime with Murrysville Lacrosse. Murrysville Lacrosse is part of the winter “tune-up” league that gets Franklin Regional players ready for their spring season. Thanks again to JD, Jonathan, Chris, and Patrick for participating in the … Continue reading

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Women’s Football: The Pittsburgh Force (1:19 video)

Please note that the coach you’ll see is not actually Scott Van Pelt. The two really look alike, though. Also, one further note about the footage. I had originally included clips of agility drills and line practice, but somehow the … Continue reading

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Scenes from PirateFest 2011 (0:47)

The players you’ll see are Jose Tabata, Paul Maholm, and Charlie Morton. So, PirateFest was cool. Looking forward: I spent Monday evening at Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena with the Force, one of two women’s football teams in the area. Be … Continue reading

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A Four Sport Video Package (1:02)

What do you do when you have unused footage from basketball, cheerleading, hockey, and diving? You make a fun video package and add some high-drama music. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Greensburg Salem at Franklin Regional Bowling (0:57 video)

I found out today that bowling came to Franklin Regional in 2002, when five friends decided to turn their hobby into a team. Normally, I have words for everything. In this case, I think we’re going to have to let … Continue reading

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Fox Chapel Lady Foxes at Franklin Regional Lady Panthers

Fox Chapel won 54-41, but here’s how the game went down. (1min, 53s video) Continue reading

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