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Local Wrestler commits to Marion Military Institute (Marion, Alabama)

August 3, 2011 – Joshua Visokey (Perry High School) was this year’s City League Champion of the 215 class. He was also the High School Wrestler of the Year. This is an award that I invented just now. Visokey … Continue reading

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Perry HS wrestling champ Visokey narrows college choice

If you’re a college wrestler, you better hope you’re at the right one. City League 215-class champion Joshua Visokey has had a busy spring. Now, he must choose where he wants to study and wrestle (but not both at the … Continue reading

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Visokey Looks to Florida Nationals and College Wrestling in the Wake of Regionals

Joshua Visokey’s life’s work is wrestling. His business is competing. (Business is good.) Continue reading

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Joshua Visokey Wins at City League Tournament

I’ve just received word that my Number One Favorite Wrestler Josh Visokey (of Perry High School) has won his second consecutive gold medal in the City League tournament held at Carrick. Congratulations to Visokey and his teammmates! Continue reading

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This just in: Local Wrestler NOT Attending Fake University

Ok, so… I get my hopes up sometimes. I’m always looking for some cool news to break. So when I saw on Facebook that Perry High School Senior Josh Visokey updated his status to say that he’d signed with SAU, … Continue reading

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One. Big. Podcast. (January edition)

Are you just not a reader? Like, it’s not that you hate reading, it’s just that you’ve got so many other things to do? Well, here at Sportsgazelle, I’ve podcasted all of my sports articles. You can hear them while … Continue reading

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First Podcasted Article is Here: the Wrestling Story

Unfortunately, I had to upload it  in four parts, but the whole thing adds to about 7 minutes. Also unfortunately, I couldn’t get embed code for the all four tracks to play one after the other, so you have a … Continue reading

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Video (0:48) from FR Duals Wrestling

No tables, ladders, or chairs were needed. This is real wrestling… Continue reading

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Wrestling is an Awesome Sport that has Janitorial Time-Outs: Stories from the Franklin Regional Duals

On Saturday, December 18, I attended a duals wrestling tournament at my alma mater, Franklin Regional High School. I don’t know anything about wrestling, but it looks a lot like airport security. (Don’t feel like reading? Click here and a podcast … Continue reading

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A Few Photos from the FR Duals, 12.18.10

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